Spectrubes Infinity announcement

Hello, dear fans!

Today, the 25th of March, Spectrubes turns 2 years old! Thank you for your support! Thanks to you, the game was released on a variety of different platforms, including the XBox One.

To celebrate, I have a new announcement to make. I have been away from game development for a while, but decided to return to Spectrubes.
I am pleased to introduce you to a new, improved, extended and endless Spectrubes Infinity!

This new game moves away from a classic ZX Spectrum look in favour of a modern 1080p Full HD visual style. It includes 50 new levels with new game mechanics, including cubes with even more complex movement patterns.

Why is this game called "Infinity"? This is due to the introduction of Steam Workshop support, providing user-made content such as new levels and themes which can change any visual or auditory aspect of the game.

If you already have Spectrubes in your Steam library, you will be able to play the original 100 levels and/or use the original visual style in the new engine. There's also bonus content for the owners of my very first game, Big Journey to Home!

The new game comes out on the 20th of April in Steam. The Steam Store page will be up in a few days, so stay tuned! Finally, I'd like to show you a trailer for the new game:

Yours, Silver Sword

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