Update 1.3.3 is out!

Hi all, dear fans of the game!

You may have noticed that since January 16, the game at the launching gave an error and crashed. I deeply apologize for this problem! I'm fixed it and a few more in the new 1.3.3 update, which is already available for download on the site, on Steam, itch, Kartridge, Microsoft Store, SlideME and Amazon App Store!

Basically, the new patch fixed a lot of bugs, critical and not so much. Of the particularly unpleasant ones, the controls didn't work in the Xbox One version and cloud saves in BJtH-Online didn't work correctly. In addition, the dialogs on macOS were reworked (now they don't require SDL2), and extension, which involves services BJtH-Online, was rebuilt for Apple Silicon.

As a nice little bonus, the level completion screens have been slightly improved and a boss life bar has been added.

This is actually the main changes of this update. The full list of changes, as usual, at the end. Thank you for your support! Enjoy the game!

Full changelog:

  • Game crash on launch outside of Christmas period was fixed
  • BJtH-Online cloud save function was fixed
  • Gamepad control was fixed
  • BJtH-Online service on Android 9 and higher, macOS with Apple Silicon and Linux with ARM was fixed
  • Message boxes on macOS was reworked. Now they don't require SDL2 and work on Apple Silicon
  • Screen content with level totals was fixed
  • Bug with music when switching to a boss room was fixed
  • Some bugs in dark rooms was fixed
  • Boss life bar when Hardcore mode is turned off was added

Yours, Silver Sword!


BJtH for Windows 1.3.3 - Installer 57 MB
Jan 19, 2021
BJtH for Windows 1.3.3 - itch.io App 46 MB
Version 6 Jan 19, 2021
BJtH for macOS 1.3.3 - Installer 58 MB
Jan 19, 2021
BJtH for macOS 1.3.3 - itch.io App 57 MB
Version 5 Jan 19, 2021
BJtH for Linux 1.3.3 - Installer (amd64) 43 MB
Jan 19, 2021
BJtH for Linux 1.3.3 - Installer (armv7l) 42 MB
Jan 19, 2021
BJtH for Linux 1.3.3 - itch.io App 47 MB
Version 5 Jan 19, 2021
BJtH for iOS 1.3.3 54 MB
Jan 19, 2021
BJtH for Android 1.3.3 58 MB
Jan 19, 2021

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