Collection of Builds DLC release!

Hello, dear fans of the game!

The Collection of Builds DLC is finally out! It brings you 14 early builds of Big Journey to Home. You can discover these old versions, understand the flow of our development and even browse through the game resources. You can buy it now on Steam (with a 10% discount!) for $0.89, or on (game+DLC costs $6.49). Besides that, in the coming days the discount will be extended to cover Big Journey to Home itself (33%) and its soundtrack (50%). Hurry, and get it now at a discounted price!

Regarding the OS X update, the deadlock has finally been resolved, so the bugfixes for this version of the game should be available within the next month or two.

Thank you for your continued support of Big Journey to Home! On a final note, our new game, Spectrubes, is coming out soon, so stay tuned for updates!

Yours, Silver Sword.


Collection of Builds 331 MB
Mar 13, 2016

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