BJtH 1 year anniversary!

Hello, dear fans!

It's now exactly one year since Big Journey to Home was released, which was on the 20th August of 2015. The development first stated on 5th August of the long forgotten year 2010. During all these years, both us and you have done a lot. Thanks for everyone for supporting us and buying the game!

Those who haven't gotten the game yet are welcome to join the celebration with a 66% discount until August 30th! Hurry up! There's a surprise waiting for you after the sale as well.

The game hasn't received any updates recently. Unfortunately, due to the lack of engine updates, we're still unable to fix the OS X version bugs. We will likely release our last update soon, which will disable the mandatory linking of BJtH-Online and Steam accounts.

Thank you again for your support.

Yours, Silver Sword!

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