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Here is the sequel to Spectrubes: an improved, extended, more addictive and endless Spectrubes Infinity!

The core idea of the game remains: you control several cubes with different movement patterns. Your goal is to place the cube within an exit zone, with a variety of different game mechanics getting in your way - and there's even more of those now than ever before!

Time marches on and technologies change, and games follow suit. Thus, we moved away from the classic ZX Spectrum look to a completely new look inspired by modern vector graphics, in 1080p Full HD.

What is, then, the secret of Infinity? Why, the Steam Workshop, of course. You will now be able to publish your own levels and visual themes which will transform the game. And, of course, you'll be able to download the content created by other users.

If you own the original 2016 release of Spectrubes, you will be able to use the classic theme and/or play the original 100 levels in the new engine!

Are you ready to dive into the incredibly spacious and infinite world of puzzles?

Key features

  • 50 completely new game levels with new game mechanics
  • Modern 1080p graphics
  • Online leaderboards and achievements
  • A level editor for creating custom levels
  • Steam Workshop support for publishing and downloading levels and visual themes
  • Bonus content for owners of the original Spectrubes and/or Big Journey to Home

Check out Steam page!

Updated 5 days ago
StatusIn development
Release date Apr 19, 2018
AuthorSilver Sword
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tagscube, cubes, design, editor, hard, infinity, Retro, spectrum, style, zx

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