Spectrubes 1.2 Update

Hello everyone, dear Spectrubes fans!

The game has been for about two years. Thanks to everyone who bought it and played it for this period!

It's been a long time since the last update, but now it's time for Spectrubes 1.2! This update contains a very specific thing - support of the Japanese language. For everyone else, there is a more interesting innovation that you asked for - level selection. The details are as follows:

1. Japanese localization
Now the game is translated into one more language! All this is due to my own efforts, since I started learn this wonderful language. For Japanese localization a new font was used. Unfortunately, it’s slightly different from native font of ZX Spectrum computers, but I tried to find the best variation. Of course, there is no support for kanji in localization, since the letters are small, and in early computers kanji support was completely absent. I tried to match the style as closely as possible. If you find errors in the text, don’t be afraid to report it, I will correct them as quickly as possible

2. Level selection
At your requests level selection was realised. Unfortunately, due to the records, you can only select levels n1 (11, 21, etc.). Of course, you can’t immediately select level 91, if you just started the walkthrough. The game checks the save slots for walkthrough of early levels. You can choose level in the submenu "New game" with the left and right arrows, the level number is indicated in parentheses. Try it now!

3. Bug with skip opening screen
An old bug has been fixed, in which if you press Enter during the opening screen, the submenu "New Game" will be selected. Now the opening screen is simply skipped when you press any button, without touching the main menu

Thank you all again for supporting Spectrubes so far! I hope the game will find more fans, since now the game has a 66% discount in honour of the autumn sale. Hurry up!

Full list of changes:

  • Added Japanese translation
  • Added level selection
  • Fixed bug with skip startup screen
Yours, Silver Sword!


Spectrubes for Windows 1.2 - Installer 4 MB
Nov 23, 2017
Spectrubes for Windows 1.2 - itch.io App 4 MB
Version 1 Nov 23, 2017
Spectrubes for macOS 1.2 - Installer 5 MB
Nov 23, 2017
Spectrubes for macOS 1.2 - itch.io App 5 MB
Version 1 Nov 23, 2017
Spectrubes for Linux 1.2 - Installer 3 MB
Nov 23, 2017
Spectrubes for Linux 1.2 - itch.io App 3 MB
Version 1 Nov 23, 2017

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